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Get Your Obey Clothing to Respect the Master

by james002

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You must have heard of obey, also known as Shepard Failey. He is a well know street artist and if you are in NYC, you would find his works on the street of the BIG APPLE. He is so famous that his wonders have even been embellished at the esteemed Museum of Art in London, says sources. He has a huge fan following and most belong to various age groups and background from all across the globe. And if you would like to respect the master of street art and activities, you should have obey clothing in your wardrobe.


Obey by chance while he was doing his studies at the famous Rhodes Island School of Art and Design happened to discover his talents. This was when he was coaching someone on stencil drawings, and he emulated a perfect drawing of the famous Andre the Giant. This is when he made the stencil and displayed it at various nooks and corners around Rhode Island, the rest is now history to his claim to fame. Even the north face la paz is one of his many wonders, which you could now find on casual clothing.


It is a respect to the working class heroes that the sub-fashion culture has grown in leaps and bounds producing such varieties of casual clothing. You may call it art in fashion or vice-versa, but obey clothing amongst all age groups and all across the world is here to stay. This is more of a way for society to show respect to those men and women out there, who worked their behinds without support and yet made a name. Shepard Failey is one of the heroes from the working class groups and people identified with his ways. No wonder the north face la paz is such a hit amongst men and women of all age groups. Everyone seems to have or want one these days.

There is certainly a whole range of clothing which would continue promoting the message OBEY has for the world, which is "medium is the message". You would also find a lot of humor and sharp sarcasm with slogans on the obey clothing, such as "Obey Propaganda".  One would find the most popular clothing items from obey, such as the north face la paz, tee shirts for men and Snapback caps as well. Most of them have the trademark obey bar logo and some of them even have the much coveted obey icon face as well.


The other forms which are coveted by many around would be the obey trademark T-shirt. This is a tee which has the famous 7-4 and it is said that is the vital stats of the famous Andre the Giant. So apart from the north face la paz, if you are looking at getting this range for yourself, all you need to do is to come to us and we shall help you pick and choose.


The popularity of obey clothing has grown in leaps and bounds, especially the obey snapback caps. Street culture is here to stay, and it is high time you too get into the mood of obeying!!


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