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Merus Ring on cooling water systems: An overview

by HarryPotterish

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In many industrial processes there is a need for equipment that will be used for liquid cooling so as to release the heat from the firm’s operations to the atmosphere in a controlled manner. Cooling water systems are prone to fouling and it is important to maintain them regularly so that the industry does not have to constantly replace these cooling systems due to negligence.

Cooling water systems are affected by fouling as they are in constant contact with water. However, the installation of the Merus Ring is an effective solution that drastically reduces fouling on a cooling water system. This type of installation has been done on the cooling towers of a number of industries and has been found to be reliable and successful. Using this solution has therefore made sure that an industry cuts down on costs of maintenance because once a Merus Ring is installed, little or no maintenance will be done on cooling systems as the ring is known to stop fouling completely. Visit to get more information how to implement this water cooling systems solution for industries.

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