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Should you buy green coffee bean extract, and where to buy g

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So many people are taking steps to improve their health.  They are eating smarter, exercising more, and taking supplements.  Many people are joining groups to support each other, and issuing weight loss challenges to each other.  They may even buy green coffee bean extract to help boost their weight loss.


When you buy green coffee extract, you are not only getting a weight loss supplement.  It is also said to have properties that improve heart health and improve your chances of avoiding insulin resistant diabetes.  This is due to the chlorogenic acid that is present in the green coffee beans. 


Green coffee beans are simply coffee beans that have not yet been roasted.  Unfortunately, the roasting process greatly reduces, if not eliminates, the chlorogenic acid in the beans.  So when you buy green coffee extract you are getting all chlorogenic acid that naturally occurs in the beans. 


Chlorogenic acid is said to increase metabolism and burn fat.  It takes the stored fat in your body, starting with your liver, and melts it away.  It also reduces the amount of glucose that is released into the blood.  If you try to buy green coffee and use it instead of your regular coffee, you will be highly disappointed.


You can buy green coffee beans from lots of different places.  If you try to grind the beans and make coffee with it, it will be bitter and not taste like coffee at all.  That is because chlorogenic acid is very bitter.  The wonderful coffee flavor comes from the roasting process.  If you don’t roast the beans, you cannot make a cup of coffee with it.


That being said, you will still get a bit of a caffeine kick when you buy green coffee bean extract.  The beans are not decaffeinated before the chlorogenic acid is extracted.  This is mainly because decaffeinating coffee is done through a chemical process.  It would taint the end product if they removed the caffeine.


Another benefit of buying green coffee extract is some studies have shown it to lower blood pressure.  When taken regularly, people have seen a decrease in their blood pressure within a one month period.  If you have high blood pressure, speak to your doctor before beginning a product like this.


It is very easy to find a place to buy green coffee extract online.  You have to be careful of cheap imitations though.  If your extract tastes sweet at all or smells like roasted coffee, you are not getting a high quality product.  The real thing should not have a roasted coffee smell and should be very bitter.


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