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Attracting More Website Visitors with Historical

by batsdatafeed

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Real-time financial data feeds are utilized by a wide variety of business sectors—From financial trading, brokerage, and investment firms to news media and agencies, to energy and agricultural firms, and even to academic institutions. These feeds are used are often used for website displays, helping firms deliver important information to their website visitors. And when this data is specifically targeted to the website user, that user will revisit the site for the most up-to-the-minute information. Firms can actually customize these data feeds to the website visitor they want to attract. For instance, select real-time data from any of the U.S. Markets; select an AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, or even BATS feed. Choose whether you want to provide other feeds along with real-time streaming: delayed, historical, and end-of-day data.


Take the BATS data exchange, as an example. Why would you want to offer this feed to your website visitors? It is the third-largest securities exchange in the U.S., representing 10-11% of all equities trading in the U.S. (9-10% of that coming from the BZX Exchange). Its popularity may stem from the fact that it does not charge market data fees to gain access to their real-time data. This represents a real boon in value to end-users.

Continuing to use this example, displaying a BATS data feed in real-time, and displaying historical end of day (EOD) data, goes further to help your website visitors make intelligent decisions for their BATS investments. This EOD information is often used for charting patterns and performing technical analysis. EOD data goes hand in hand with real-time data to offer the investor a full picture of how his or her investments are performing.

 Providing real-time feeds and this kind of historical end of day data is important to many investors. To be sure that they can see this comparative data markets that interest them, websites are wise to offer this information across all exchanges, providing not only a BATS feed, but also feeds covering the NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX exchanges, too. If your website visitors are also interested in mutual funds, ETFs and ETN, offer these feeds as well. Or perhaps your website visitors would find investment information from overseas markets of importance—Post feeds from the TSX, the ASX, and equity markets from European, Asian, Australian, and Central/South America. For customizable feeds to best serve your website services, visit They process and distribute reliable market data and information from around the world, using state-of-the-art software and world-class websites.

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