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12 Tips For Better iPhone Application Development

by anonymous

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Probably everyone is looking for an iPhone application of their own today. Apple’s phone has grown really serious just like its other products and if as a business owner or someone who wants to share something with the world with iPhone application development, there are few ways to do it without messing it up. We are going to provide you 12 tips which are especially useful for first-time development.

1. If you have an idea in mind, start with looking into the App Store if there are any similar apps there. This would help get an idea what others have to offer and you can incorporate some of the cool features in your application too.

2. Are you a professional iPhone app developer or looking to hire someone? It is critically important to ensure that the developer shares same enthusiasm about the work.

3. Before starting it out, ensure that you have the full layout of app. Discuss it with the team if they have some inputs to provide.

4. Hire a full time or part time designer who can add some solid colours. While it might not be the biggest thing, by the time you complete, colour will matter a lot. If the application loses visual appeal, users would uninstall the free version in just seconds.

5. First-time iPhone application development should preferably be limited to fixed price. You may never know it but costs will increase and companies may add whatever they like if you are a newbie.

6. Have you done your market research? Understand that being an iPhone app developer is just not enough as you have to look into the business aspect too. Set the target segment and add features according to their preferences not yours.

7. There would be dozens of similar apps in the market so why would the users select your app? Powerful features, strong graphics or value for money? You got to have an USP and that too a concrete one.

8. iPhone application development has different phases from initial planning to testing and launching. You cannot leap over a phase especially the essential ones like testing. Make sure that testing is up to the mark and there are no known issues. Include all of the team in testing for their inputs.

9. Have you considered marketing for your app? It should ideally be started a few months before the launch. Today it is all about creating the hype and letting the world wait for the launch.

10. If you are looking to earn some revenue by placing banner ads in the app, think again. It is one of the reasons why iPhone application development ideas fail.

11. As an iPhone app developer, it would be beneficial to create two versions of an app. Why would the users pay for your app? Give them a trial version with limited functionality.

12. Finally, incorporate social media sharing options so your users can easily tell the world about this app. After all, word of mouth is the best marketing.

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