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Top 5 Mother's Day Movies to Watch with Your Dear Mom

by Richaldanny

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When I flip the calendar to the month of May every year, it always starts me wondering what special activity I can plan for Mother's Day. Since my mother loves to watch movies, I'm going to rent some movies that we and any other family members that want to join us can enjoy watching together. If you are running out of ideals on what kind of special activity you can plan to do this year, why not consider these top 5 Mother's Day movies to watch with your dear mom?

Top 1: Freaky Friday

The first of the five movies is Freaky Friday directed by Mark Warter. As one of the best Hollywood mother-daughter movies, Freaky Friday is a remake of the 1976 original – which itself was adapted from Mary Rodgers’ novel by the same name. The misunderstandings and fights of a teenage rebel child and a strict single mother are blown away once they switch bodies due to an enchanted Chinese fortune cookie. Once they start living the life of each other, they realize the goodness of one another. Once that realization sets it, both are transferred back to their own bodies – happy ending!

Top 2: Juno

The second in the list of Movies for Mother's Day is Juno. Once we are talking about premarital pregnancy, then Juno definitely deserves a mention. Without promoting unplanned pregnancy, I think this is a film that deals with the topic in the sweetest way possible. When a 16-year-old is faced with the dilemma of keeping the baby versus abortion, it could be quite life-changing. And when she opts for the former, the drama that follows is certainly not understated. But not in this movie, where everyone is quite supportive – a fantasy genre?

Top 3: Blind Side

The third on the list of best movies that praise a mother's live is Blind Side, starring Sandra Bullock as the mother Mrs. Leigh Tuoy that lives somewhere in the south and takes in a black boy. The Tuoy family adopts the black boy and taught him to play high school football. The Touy family opens their hearts and home for this young man. They help him gain self-confidence and finally he became a football player. The movie is based on a true story. The black boy not only graduate from high school but also went to play professional football in the NFL.

Top 4: Mama Mia

The next movie for Mother’s day to watch is Mama Mia that was at the theaters in 2008. Actress Meryl Streep is a woman who goes by the name of Donna who travels abroad and has several love affairs where she gets pregnant. She raises Sophia on her own in Greece. Sophia is played by actress Amanda Seyfried who falls in love with a Greek man by the name of Ski. They plan their wedding when Sophia decides to send out wedding invites to three men that she does not know which one is truly her father. She hopes that if all three come to the wedding she will be able to tell which one is her Dad. The movie setting is on a Greek island where Donna is trying to get a bed and breakfast business started. The movie is a musical love story in every sense.

Top 5: Something’s Gotta Give

The last of the top 5 movies for Mother's Day is Something’s Gotta Give starring Diane Keaton as a divorced woman that raised three children. She begins to date again later in life. Her adult children are having trouble accepting their mother’s new life. Jack Nicholson plays the role of the new boyfriend and what it is like to have a family.

Okay, above 5 movies are highly recommended ones for you to watch with your dearest mom on 2013 Mother's Day. Just pick up the favorite one for happy viewing!

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