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Looking for a place to stay?

by anonymous

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There are many new websites operating that are providing rental services to people. Most of them are genuine and from a single company. But three that I found are not from the company but normal individuals give out their place of living to someone they can trust. This idea started in 2006 by Gum tree and now AirBNB and Couch surfer are live.

The best part about these websites is that anyone can get booked for free using couch surfer, as there are no charges. The owner can decide his own prices and terms or conditions while they also have the authority to decline a request.

The deals are made safe through check out service of the websites themselves. It works just like freelancing services, a deposit is usually deposited to the website and the host reviews the visitor and decides whether that deposited should be given back to him. The review is than observed by the website reviewers and final decision lies with them.

Just like in Elance, when a dispute happens…. It is settled with the help of Elance authorities.

The visit is decided between the traveler or the to be tenant and the owner of the house. In addition, when a deal is fixed than the tenant has to place the whole money in advance on the website which remains is transferred to the account of host when the visitors say.

A deposit is also kept for any loss of property and stuff like that this deposit remains with the website and depending on the review, as said earlier, is provided to either host or to the visitor. However, its most of the time provided to the visitor.

The website couch surfer has a new feature that allows you to make friend with even those travelers that are not staying at your place. You can do this by start chatting with them on the website. Ask for their plans and can arrange a meet up in the city they are visiting if you live nearby.

Moreover, by the experience of people who have either hosted or visited a place near them say that they are satisfied with the service that they receive. Some even called staying as a couch surfer a much comfortable experience than staying at a hotel, with little money spent it is much more economical.

In addition, if you are looking to stay as a couch surfer in Melbourne you can use furnished accommodation Melbourne and Melbourne corporate apartments or even short term rentals Melbourne.

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