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Operating the Best Franchise: Lessons from Crop Rotation

by clintshaff

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Crop rotation is a technique widely used by farmers to use the same patch of land to grow crops other than what it’s primarily meant for. This helps them make the most out of the land while generating revenue all year round. Just because the land is normally used to grow corn doesn’t mean it cannot grow wheat or barley.

The best franchise in the market can learn from crop rotation; efficient franchisees are versatile. While some of them may be rank-and-file employees, housewives, or executives, their franchises can be a far cry from their occupations. It pays to know how to run a coffee shop, but don’t let your lack of specialty in making coffee keep you from doing it. Take a look at a handful of franchises whose owners’ former occupations are totally unrelated to the franchises they own.

From Shipping to Sandwiches

Edith Kelly-Green retired from her post in 2004 as vice president of FedEx after three decades of service. Retirement didn’t stop her from investing in the long run, so she took the suggestion of her family to establish a sandwich shop in several locations such as near home in Memphis, TN. Her accountancy skills were of great help in managing the sandwich business.

From Military to Motorcycles

Retired submariner Jay Staggs runs a motorcycle rental in D.C., which seems oddly off from his former job. He served in the U.S. Navy for six years, being trained in electronics while serving in “boomers” or ballistic missile submarines in Navy lingo. Along with his experience working with NASA, his military background helped his franchise grow exponentially quick.

Students by Day, Movers by Night

Brothers Brig and Jon Sorber, high school students at the time, entered the moving industry as soon as they borrowed a step van from their mother. They thought their moving business would be over the moment they entered college, but it grew during their absence. The interesting part of this success story is that they knew next to nothing about moving, let alone franchising. Trial and error were all they had to move on, which paid off later on.

Check out more success stories of franchisees who tapped into a new world at Like a plot of agricultural land, the best franchise owner adapts to his/her business regardless of occupation.

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