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What Happens after Your Abortion

by jonesmichelle08

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If this is your first time undergoing an abortion, I am sure that you have wondered what you should do after the operation is over--given that there are no complications. I am not scaring you or anything. If you have picked a reputable abortion clinic, then you have nothing to worry about. It is good that you worry about your health being after your abortion Virginia. After all, health should always be at the top of everyone’s list. Below are some of the possible discomforts you may feel after your operation. Experts say they vary among different types of women, but these are some of the most common--sometimes annoying--post-abortion symptoms you may experience in the next few weeks.

The first issue at hand is bleeding. You have to condition yourself that after the operation, bleeding will usually occur and will last for about 2 weeks after your abortion Virginia. Experts suggest that women use sanitary when undergoing this period. However, if ever you use 2 or more sanitary towels for your bleeding within two hours, it is advised that you should see you abortion clinic. You see, excessive bleeding is not a simple matter. You have to contact the health authorities the first time you experience signs of excessive bleeding. That may lead into serious complications. Be sure to pay extra attention to this.

The next thing to discuss is the pain you will feel after your abortion Virginia. Usually, women just experience cramping for a week. When this occurs, you can always take pain relievers. This usually does the trick. However, if like the situation above, the pain relievers do not work, you need to contact your abortion clinic immediately. The medical professionals in your clinic would know what medications to give you in the event that your cramping continues for more than a week. It would have been better if you did not feel pain, right? Just do the abortion and be done with everything? Unfortunately, that is not always the way. You will most likely have to undergo this because of your operation.

Women have different emotional reactions after undergoing abortion Virginia. Some feel reassured while some feel depressed. Women who undergo abortion need to bring a trusted group of people to accompany them after the operation. That is the next thing you should consider--your emotional health. The only ones who can help you with stabilizing your emotions are the people who are near you, the ones who you trust the most. They can be your parents, your husband, your best friend. Heck, you can even bring your dog (if your abortion clinic allowed it). The important thing is that you have people to rely on when you feel vulnerable and depressed after your appointment.

Finally, there might be unforeseen symptoms after you have finished the operation for your abortion Virginia. After abortion, you can experience discolored or smelly vaginal discharge, tenderness in the abdominal area, fever, continuous and heavy bleeding, and many other symptoms. You can ask the experts or your abortion clinic if you want to know more about the stuff that can happen to you. The important thing is that you know the possible outcome so that you can prepare for it before your appointed operation.

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