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Maintain Lush Green Landscapes The Hassle-Free Way!

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Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful garden with colorful flowers, healthy trees and lush grass all around?


Or a lovely green backyard to unwind in after the frenzied demands of the day? But the very thought of a garden brings to mind the wearisome and tedious job of watering the plants every day and ensuring that they are well irrigated! Where is the time or energy to spare for maintaining the landscape? Not to mention that the gallons of water used lead to heavy water bills burning a hole in the pocket.


Well, its time to bid goodbye to the conventional garden hoses as an automated irrigation system comes to the rescue! The fear of over- or under-irrigation and drainage issues are a thing of the past as installing an irrigation system with sprinklers serves as a convenient and effective way to water the grass, plants and trees.


Watering the landscape according to the season and weather is another encumbrance. Solution is at hand with smart controllers and timers that can be used to automatically adjust run times and cycles.


Worried about the cost factor? This one-time investment proves very cost-effective in the long run as the irrigation system uses much less water than watering by hand – water bills will be lower and plants will also live longer. What’s more, not only does it save time and money but also helps conserve the most precious resource on our planet – Water!


Metropolitan Irrigation System Inc. is a landscape and irrigation system company that offers professional design, installation and maintenance of lawn and garden sprinklers. Based in Vienna, it serves both residential and commercial properties in the state of Virginia.


The designers, installers and technicians are knowledgeable, experienced and reliable; they ensure quality workmanship with minimal garden damage. They will tailor the irrigation system - number of sprinkler heads needed, type of sprinkler nozzles like fixed, rotary, flood bubblers, drip emitters etc. - based on your specific property needs and challenges. The irrigation valves used to control the sprinklers are designed to resist clogging and can handle all kinds of dirty water.


When it comes to maintenance, you can opt for annual or monthly service contracts for regular checks, repairs, reset run times on the controller in accordance with the climate.


So, install an automatic irrigation system that will water your plants when and as much as needed. This will also strengthen the plants and ensure a heartwarming vista of a lush green landscape. Now you are free to relax, sit back and literally smell the roses, that too sans any watering worries!


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