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How to Replace Furnace in Barrie Without Much Hassle

by haroldrhoads

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With Barrie's humid continental climate, characterized by hot summers and frosty winter seasons, homeowners need to get an excellent and reliable heating system to safeguard them from seriously frosty winter seasons. Therefore, a furnace is necessary for every household. If you believe that you should replace your furnace in Barrie, check out your options with the aid of a professional and he'll be content to give you a few referrals.

Replacement Furnaces

Some heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors provide replacement furnaces for different uses which include gas to gas, electric to gas, electric to electric, oil to gas, and oil to heat pump. The cost of electricity, gas, oil, and heat pumps may vary according to your location. Nevertheless, generally, gas heaters are suggested for a lot of residences considering that they have a comparatively low cost.

Oil furnaces are suggested if gas is not an option in a household, but several installations may require alterations which can suggest added overheads. On the other hand, electric furnaces are the least expensive to install but the most pricey to use so they are just recommended when heating a small region. Lastly, heat pumps are extremely effective since they operate as heater and air conditioner but the installation is expensive. Additionally, heat pumps are not recommended in areas which experience constant below-freezing temperatures because these will involve a backup heating system to run in this condition.

Weigh the Three Factors

When you opt to substitute your furnace, weigh three important factors such as the furnace efficiency, the cost of fuel, and the heating load of your house. To measure the performance of your current furnace, figure out how much you are putting in for it by checking your heating bills. Make inquiries and compare about the efficiency of a new furnace and check out if you can save money with a furnace replacement.

Next, think about the cost of having a gas furnace in Barrie, by figuring out the cost of fuel. This is unpredictable so be ready for constant inconsistency. Third, calculate the heat load or the amount of heat to be taken out within a specific time frame. This assists to find out the measurement of the furnace.

To look at the efficiency of your furnace, you require a utility service provider to execute an energy audit. At the same time, for your better furnace alternative, consult a local HVAC contractor in your area. For more information, visit


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