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Infrared Saunas 101: A Few Safety Measures to Take Note of

by neildalby

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Energizing Infrared saunas are known to give numerous health advantages, such as detoxification regimen, although there are some hazards that you have to recognize. By simply keeping in mind these safety tips, you can avoid unfortunate incidents that this activity might lead to. For first timers, it may be necessary to get supervision from an attendant during therapy as a safety precaution.


Kids under five and pregnant women should not attempt to try infrared saunas given that fetuses and very young children dehydrate easily. Do not attempt to try infrared sauna if you are undergoing a recuperation process of any type, whether from a wound or from surgical operation, unless advised by your physician. The therapy may trigger some problems or undesirable healing responses.

Doctors also prohibit people to work out prior to sauna because this may overwork the body and over-stimulate the nerves. Do not invest more than 20 mins inside the sauna for daily sessions. For first timers, it would be most effectively to start from 10 mins then gradually increase the time. Relying on a person's heat tolerance, one can go as far as 40 mins, but never for everyday sessions. Our body can only take a particular amount of heat and too much heat can trigger you to faint, or worse, suffer heat stroke.

Other Safety Measures

Do rest for about 10 to 15 minutes following an infrared sauna session. This will help the body readjust and prepare for the day's activities. Do wipe your sweat and rehydrate. Drink water before, during, and after the therapy. This will replace minerals lost from sweating.

Ask your doctor if it is safe for you to undergo regular sessions of infrared sauna therapy. Individuals have different heat tolerance so it would be best to consult a professional first. This is strongly recommended for people who have heart illnesses or other medical conditions.

If you think you can handle following all these safety rules, you may take on an infrared sauna therapy in the comfort of your own home. Various Infrared sauna kits are accessible in the market and setting them up is pretty easy as well. For more safety related tips about sauna, check out

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