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Whether it is your blog, website for your business or social media page content is play critical role in making your business a successful. Your website should load fast. It should be able to appeal to visitors in terms of how it looks. Search engines especially Google is emphatic with quality content. By quality, content we mean it should be engaging to visitors, it should give optimal information on the product/service, must be error free, and should not be too stuffed with keywords. The following are the important characters of quality character.

It should teach audience

Your content should be teaching your audience on the niche area, the product/service. Inform your users about it. Give additional information if any, periodically- weekly or biweekly.

Focus on audience

You have a set of target audience. It is therefore important it the content furnishes fresh information in the niche area. You could publish content in in blog posts or articles. This will help your target audience gain additional information. You could furnish he benefits and advantages of the use of the product. For instance, if your business is auto-insurance, publishing weekly blogs. You could give examples of real life case. By doing so, your website and business would improve their credibility.

Zero-error content

Make sure that along with the logic, flow and consistent flow of content, it should be flawless. Use short and simple sentences. Long sentences will make difficult for your audience to comprehend what you say. Avoid ungrammatical patterns, spell mistakes. Use appropriate articles and punctuation as needed.

Regarding Search Engine Optimization

Search engines, especially Google have invented new algorithm to rule out spurious content in the ranking pages. This is to ensure that users get optimal quality content timely and effortlessly.

In the current scenario, search engines see to it that users are benefited by using them. Therefore, make sure that content benefits users instead of search engines. Search engines find it easy to examine the content and find its quality when you optimize properly with keywords.

Take care, that you do not be overenthusiastic in SEO, which may boomerang you in the form of penalization by search engines. That is, make sure that content is not too stuffed with keywords.

Zero tolerance for plagiarism

Avoid plagiarism in content. Do not copy from any source. If you do so, you will hurt your credibility massively. Update your content periodically> Even if you publish content from your web pages, search engines see such content as duplicate content and hence may penalize.

Social media

Make sure to have social media plugins by which your audience could find it easy to share your content with your their friends and relations. This will make sure that you expand your audience’s following.

Building back links

Having quality content ensures building bank links that are real. By having real back links, search engines will rank your website atop. You should, however, building too many links. By building too many links will creates suspicion for search engine spiders and hence may drop page ranks.

Take care of these points while getting content written to make sure that content is optimal for search engines.


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