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How to Do Keyword Research to Improve Website Ranking

by indylogixindy

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Keyword research is a market study used by SEO experts to find what actual terms people are using to find relevant information. SEO experts do their research for keywords in order to optimize their online presence and to get ranked in SERPs.

What Is Keyword Research?

Key research is a technique to find what people enter in the search engine search box like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. to find relevant information they are looking for. If you want to find out about best college in your city you would enter college in Delhi in the search engine search box and when you click on the search button, the search engine will display the result related to your keyword.  In short a keyword is what you searched for and what you see as a result is Search engine result pages (SERPs).

How to Do Keyword Research?

  • If you want to investigate which keyword is to target you have to analyze the subject of your website. Make a list of all the keywords that most likely represent your content. You can refer a keyword suggestion tool that will able to supply you most popular keyword that can bring more traffic to your site. There are many free tools available online.
  • Generally people include only popular keywords in their records which is a bad practice. Sometimes popular keywords have high competition and choosing high competitive keywords can harmfully impact on your website. Choosing low competition high search volume keyword can increase traffic to your site.
  • It is highly recommended that you choose long tail keyword (keywords contains more than 3 words are long tail keywords). Short keywords (contains one or two words) are very popular but it is very difficult to rank for such keywords. It is very easy for a search engine to index a long tail keyword for high quality and unique content using those keywords.
  • It’s easy to guess what people want but you don’t have to use your estimation. Try to gather actual data using keyword suggestion tool.
  • Focus on your competitor keywords. To do this search your every keyword in major search engine and from the result pages Create a list of website that has better ranking than your site. Now you have list of long tail keywords with easy and best way.
  • You must know that what monthly searches your keyword has. The more monthly searches it has the more it will get traffic. You can refer Google Adwords keyword tool to find how many people are using your keyword to find appropriate information.

Common Keyword Research Mistakes.

Avoiding long tail keywords: Sometimes people ignore to choose 2 to 3 words phrase which can harmfully impact on their SEO process. Short keywords (one or two words phrases) are very popular but they can’t get you more traffic as they are less important and highly competitive too.

Selecting high competition keyword: Most people only go through keyword search volume, they completely ignores the competition factor, which is a bad practice. Targeting high competitive words you can’t get your website on first page or near the search engine results.

Selecting wrong keyword: Sometimes you select keyword that you think about your company instead of what your audience thinks.

Ignoring exact match: It’s a good practice if you are using Google Keyword Tool for your research but people generally makes mistake of looking at the Broad Match instead of Exact Match. There will be difference in monthly searches result under broad and exact match which could have a serious effect on your predicted traffic. So don’t forget to check exact match.


Keyword Research Using Google Adwords Tool

  • Just open Google Adwords Keyword Tool and type the words in words and phrase text box for which you want to find your keywords.
  • You can also select location under advance option if you want to know your countries monthly searches.
  • You will have match type option where you get three options Broad, Exact and Phrase. Select Exact Match type it will give you monthly searches for exact words you entered.
  • Now clicking on the search button you will get a list of keywords with average monthly searches related to word or phrase you typed in the text box.
  • Select long tail keywords for your topic with high searches. One thing to remember that don’t choose hugely competitive keywords it will exploit all the efforts of getting first position in the race.


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