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Does Outdoor Advertising provide plenty of options?

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Advertising is a very important component of every business. Advertising indirectly contributes to the growth of revenue of an organization. Therefore, it is a must for every business owner to advertise his service or product in the market. Many advertising mediums are available for advertisers. Television, Radio, Outdoor, Internet etc. are a few means of advertising through which business owners can communicate their valuable messages to target customers.  Outdoor Advertising is one of the traditional means of advertising used by business owners to create noise about their service or product in the market. This article provides an insight on the various options of outdoor advertising.

Outdoor Advertising is not just about a billboard ad or a poster ad display. Advertisers have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right medium of advertising through outdoor media. In modern times, outdoor advertising tools are classified into two categories namely digital and non-digital outdoor advertising tools. Digital outdoor media typically feature independently addressable billboards, jukeboxes, product display boxes, kiosks, LCD/LEDs, backlit or front lit translites etc. One major advantage of digital outdoor media is that any of these tools can be remotely controlled and thus any change can be easily done through these mediums. Digital outdoor displays provide an interactive, lively and interesting look of the advertisement and thus easily allure the passing attention of numerous customers.

Non-digital outdoor media include ordinary billboards, posters, wall wraps, bus or taxi advertising, lamp post ads, bus shelter ads etc. As compared to digital outdoor tools, non-digital media provide the brand message in a plain and ordinary manner. However, the expense of advertising through non-digital is quite cost-effective as compared to an advertising campaign through digital OOH media. Advertisers can have their own choice whether they want to launch their campaign through digital or non-digital outdoor media.

Besides the various mediums of outdoor advertising, the increase number of avenues in OOH domain is also worth mentioning. Outdoor Advertising avenues such as Airport Advertising is growing at a fast pace. Most of the cities and towns have included airport advertising thereby considering it a very important ingredient of promotion mix. Airport Advertising provides uncluttered brand messages to customers. The implementation of rich media is yet another asset of launching a promotion campaign through airport media. Tourism is one of the sectors that has highly benefitted from airport advertising in India. Airport Ad displays leave a lasting brand impression on customers' mind and thus convey the brand message quite easily and effectively.

Mall Advertising is another growing avenue of outdoor promotion. The mushrooming number of shopping malls across the country has provided lucrative opportunities to advertisers to occupy the advertising spaces at shopping malls. Customers who visit the various shopping malls easily get attracted to the various advertisements displayed across the mall. Like airport advertising, most of the mall ads are launched through rich media that provide a rich impression about the brands or services on customers' mind. The rising number of brands in the market also calls the attention of various mall advertisers.

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