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Benefits of Grease Fat Traps for a Commercial Kitchen

by aquamundus

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Today we will surely find many commercial grease fat traps in most of the kitchens that are in hotels and restaurants. A restaurant grease trap, also termed a grease interceptor, has become one of the most significant apparatus in any restaurant. Now, the question arises why trapping the grease is so important.

Mainly fat traps are exclusively crafted for wastewater which normally includes oils, fats and grease and are termed FOG. This is a deadly combination when in high quantities; it can block up sewer drains and cause backflow of the waste. The process is more common in the winter seasons as the temperature of water drop a little and the fats harden a little quicker.

For the proper and efficient functioning of the grease fat traps, it should be cleaned regularly. This will prevent bad smell, growth of bacteria, and damage to the drainage system and will also prevent the FOG from entering the underground septic tank.

And perhaps the biggest benefit of the grease fat trap is that it actually helps a lot in the prevention of the environmental pollution. The waste products that are dumped underground can be easily pumped out and then the waste products can be recycled. Some of the largest grease traps are found in the shopping malls and in many food manufacturing facilities.

A highly capable grease fat trap will remove around 98% of free-floating FOG particles from the water. If the grease is stored properly inside an interceptor tank, then it becomes perfect for the purpose of recycling. The interceptors or separators normally take the load off the sewer system and they put all the common waste for excellent use. Always the grease waste should be disposed in a suitable manner.

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