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Global Markets for Controlled Intelligent Packaging, Preserv

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Bharat Book introduces a report "Global Markets for Controlled Intelligent Packaging, Preservation and Shelf-Life Extension for Food and Beverages" The purpose of this BCC study is to offer a comprehensive analysis of the current and future trends of the global market for food and beverage preservatives, packaging and shelf life extenders.

Factors such as technological advances, societal status and many others that can advance or deter the development of the current and anticipated preservatives, packaging and extenders were evaluated.

The report offers insight regarding the market size, market leaders, product offerings and elements affecting the market of food and beverage preservatives and shelf-life extenders from the perspective of their applications within the food and beverage, as well as the packaging, industries.This report encompasses the detailed definitions, production, sales estimations and markets for various preservatives and extenders; their relevant use in food and beverage products; and the functions of preservatives and extenders that can help processors strategize solutions best fitting the marketing of their products. The report also covers various aspects of market inventions, the challenges and the future needs of the market. The usage, advantages and disadvantages of the various types of preservatives, packaging and extenders are also examined in this report.A broad analysis of the sales for preservative, packaging and shelf life extenders are broken down by the regions such as North America, Europe and emerging markets. Sales figures are approximated for the five-year period from 2012 through 2017.


The demand for food and beverage safety is a global requirement for today’s consumers. With the growing concern about food safety and trustworthiness, the need for sound and effective preservatives and preservation techniques is being ever more greatly emphasized. In addition, the consumer demand for fresh and healthy food is adding dimension to the technological advances in food preservation.

This study is an attempt to put forward detailed information on the market players, companies, techniques and technologies, and uses and factors that bring forth the novel ways that food and beverage processors are meeting the challenges and demands of food preservation and shelf life extension. In addition, an assessment of different approaches to extending freshness, texture, flavors and nutritional value is implemented. Consumers’ inclination towards natural preservatives over the chemical counterparts as well as the industry’s response to this—to develop various natural preservatives—is discussed. Processors are constantly looking for new techniques, such as smart packaging, encapsulation, irradiation, chilling and thermal processing of food in conjunction with re-examining older methods such as pickling, dehydrating or salting, etc., to provide the desired freshness and extended shelf life to foods and beverages. Additionally, mergers and acquisitions, as well as collaborations between companies, are also covered in this report. The study offers an understanding of the significance of this industry that is relevant to the changing perception of the consumer’s food and beverage preferences.


This study contributes to the areas of market growth by addressing the challenges of food and beverage preservation techniques for manufactures from the application perspective. Primarily food and beverage industries, including food processors, hotels chains and similar sectors, would find this study to be of interest.


The scope of this study covers the markets of preservation techniques, packaging and shelf life extenders for food and beverages. BCC analyzes each market, the different types of food preservation techniques, regulatory aspects, the application of the preservatives, packaging and extenders in the food and beverage industry, market projections, market leaders and market share. In addition, the study sheds light on the technological improvements including the latest preferences, trends and progress. The emerging markets in this field include India, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


BCC conducted an extensive literature search that included technical newsletters, journals, technical blogs, the latest technical articles and research papers as well as many other sources. The data were collected through interviews and correspondence with various food and beverage experts. Projections were based on estimates such as the current application status, potential application, likely unit prices, rate of consumption and market trends.


BCC surveyed various companies within the industry to acquire data for this study. They are well-reputed manufacturers and end users of preservatives in food and beverages and other relevant industries. Data were gathered from pertinent industry sources. BCC spoke with officials within the industry, consulted newsletters, company literature, technical blogs, product literature, technical articles, journals, indexes and abstracts. Comprehensive exploration of databases by key terminologies was conducted. In addition, data were compiled from current financial, trade and government sources.

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