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How A Truck Can Be Converted To Make Handicapped People

by cabmega

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In spite of the fact that friends and family can drive a handicapped individual to work or for shopping, it is better for them to be able to drive themselves. It is possible for an impaired individual to drive a vehicle that has been converted. Converted vehicles offer more space and the choices on expanding freedom are endless. Truck conversions are possible which can empower an impaired individual to have the ability to drive himself. Indeed for an individual without legs or feet, a truck could be changed over to allow him to drive. Obviously, this calls for certain adjustments to be made to the truck. Let’s look at what adjustments can be made to ensure a save drive.

The physical structure of the truck must be improved. For the wheelchair bound individual, the doorway must be augmented to allow the wheelchair through. The wheelchair lift, is necessary and must be fitted. Another basic change is changing over the foot controls system to hand controls. This is suitable for individuals who can't utilize their legs and can control the truck with their hands.

There is additionally the Sure Grip Handicapped Hand Control framework. By having the capacity to control the truck with the wheel, (both accelerating and braking, in addition to steering), will accommodate a safer and smoother driving experience. It is different in relation to the other manual handicap controls in that it works from the vertical position. Acceleration is attained by pushing forward and the braking is accomplished by pulling back on the steering wheel.To know more visit

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