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The Recently Announced Mediation Services by IPRS

by paralegalstar

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The Recently Announced Mediation Services by Intellectual Property Right Services Is a Shot in the Arm for Small Businesses


Small businesses given a rough deal ? 
It is becoming a huge challenge to run a small business. The economic climate can break the resolve of the steeliest of entrepreneurs. Extending tax cuts to about 98% of the US population can help small scale businesses thrive. But it certainly needs a lot more support from the government, for the small business owner to lean back in his chair and have a relaxed weekend.
Taxing reforms !
The fiscal cliff threat is not yet over with economists predicting another major financial cliff-hanger later this year. A lot of uncertainty prevails in the small business circles. Most solo or small business owners are taxed at personal rates which can be a lot higher than corporate rates.
A ray of hope !
The announcement by Intellectual property minister Lord Younger of a new Mediation services has come as a huge relief for small businesses. The mediation that can be the helpline of small businesses involved in an intellectual property dispute.. For decades it meant expensive and lengthy battles in court. With inexperience in litigation matters and limited resources, business owners, usually, had to put up with IP infringements.
With the recent IPO reform there is finally some reason for owners to smile !
Wait a minute that's mine…
Fighting over copyrights and trademarks has long been the domain of the big players. The whole world knows about the " One click" dispute between Amazon and Express Lane, or the Mattel's scuffle over the Bratz doll with MGA entertainment INC. Not very far in to the future, the little tattoo studio down the road can also fight over its intellectual rights.
It needn't be the playground of companies with a multibillion turnover alone.
Patents, trademarks, copyrights et al !
To survive in the dog eat dog world of business, it is important for businesses to carve out an identity. To, be unique and have a distinct brand identity. And it is logos, trademarks and brand mascots that help in brand recall. What was once accessible to the biggies has now become accessible to small scale businesses with a limited budget as well, thanks to the recent IPO reform. Intellectual property rights services are also available to help out entrepreneurs new to the game, to assert their rights.
No more tripping over red tape !
Few things can strike more fear in the minds of creative people more than red tape. It can be a major deterrent for someone with a smart idea but no patience or dollars for struggling with red tape. This can prove to be the much needed shot in the arm for entrepreneurs with big dreams but small resources!

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