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How Fashion Designers Get Leverage From Their Portfolio

by pixpadesign

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Fashion designers and graphic designers may live industries apart, but they leave from the same platform. The all start showing off their designs and attract clients. Both learn more and more as they gain experience. After they attract clients, they start working for them and eventually start making progress in the meantime. Both of them are either full-time designers or freelancers. Therefore as the fashion designer starts like the graphic designers, they also get their initial leverage from the portfolio websites.

• The fashion designers showcase their designs to a broader audience
• Earn an online presence
• Graphical representation of their work

Having an online portfolio website means that they have a broader audience to whom they can show their designs to. The more the audience, the more their chances are to get hired. Earning a fame is also important for a fashion designer, as it is for a photographer or a graphic designer. A brand name is a way to come as you have a strong online presence.

If you do not have an online presence, coming to at the thirteenth year of the twenty first century, you are totally lagging behind, while the other fashion designers who had a vision are making their presence strong online as they can sense the shift of the demand from the physical market to the virtual market. Having a strong online presence, and building on to it will take you a long way towards establishing as a successful fashion designer.

In the earlier days, you had to keep all your designed pieces in your bag or take photos of your designed items and carry them with you wherever you want. Now you can carry your portfolio and do not have to worry about the burden as the portfolio is just a link away. The portfolio not only talk about you as a designer, but it also presents how managed you are in your life, which is also one of the qualities that the employers seek.

You can go all creative with your portfolio website. You can add a blog and introduce fashion tips. You can share your knowledge that you have earned, in that way you can earn leadership skills. You can also turn into a critic, where you can comment on the dress that an actor or actress wore in a movie or about the dress that the president wore to the stadium. This will show your skills about judging the good from the bad. Can your traditional leather portfolio do this?

Wait, there is more. You can create categories for your designs and can also link each dress to the source of the design and show how effectively you have replicated that design. You can come up with so offers and giveaways for your clients. This will reflect your marketing skills.

Using a portfolio website is so much better than having the traditional portfolios and the clients can also contact you directly through your portfolio website, if you add the live chat widget.

Pixpa lets you to create online portfolio website for fashion designers,artists and photographers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.

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