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Know How to Change the Bike Tube of Your BMX Bicycles

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Those who own BMX bicycles need to learn two things before they can take their bikes out for a ride.  First, is of course, learning to ride a bicycle, the second is to change the bike tube.  It is really very important to learn to change the tubes, as you never know where the road will take you and there might not be a mechanic for miles. 

There are some very simple steps, which you can follow to change the tube in minutes.  Usually no one tries to get their bike tubes repaired anymore, unless you do not need your bike urgently and have time to spare.  Replacing it is the quicker and easier option.  For that, you need to keep a spare tube handy, when deflated it is neither heavy nor takes too much space.  You would also need an air pump and pair of tire levers comes in handy while changing tubes.

Here are some of the most important steps to change the tubes of your BMX bicycles that you must follow.

  1. First of all, remove the wheel and place it flat on the ground.  Next, loosen the brakes in order to ensure that the wheel comes off more smoothly than before.
  2. Once you have removed the wheel, it is the right time to bring out your trusty wheel levers. Then, insert the thin end of the lever into the outer edge of the wheel rim.  Place another lever at some distance from the first one.  Then you pull the tire levers apart from each other around the entire rim of the wheel.  When you do this, the rubber end that is tucked into the wheel comes out and the punctured bike tube is within your easy reach.
  3. Now, you pull out the old tube from between the rim and the tire.  After you do this, you should run your hands along the inner side of the tire to see if there is any sharp object that could have caused the puncture.
  4. After you have completed the inspection, insert the new, deflated bike tube between the rim and the tire of your BMX bicycle. Run your hand along the entire length if the tire, tucking the tube along the way.
  5. Once the tube is tucked in securely, now you must bring out those levers to push the tire back into the rim.  Go along the entire wheel area to make sure the tire is well inside the rim from all directions.  You will find that the last bit becomes a bit tricky.
  6. Now, all there is left to do is pump in the required amount of air, strap the wheel onto the bicycle again, and ride off.  Do not forget to re-tighten the brakes!

Following these simple steps can help you change the bike tube of the BMX bicycles with ease.

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