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How to extend laptop battery life

by onlvyy

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Laptop battery a long time, it is often sufficient dissatisfaction, or even show damage, it is necessary to pay attention to some tips when using: Regardless of your notebook uses lithium or NiMH, as far as possible the basic to power after the exhaustion of power (capacity less than 5%), this is the best way to avoid the memory effect. In fact, lithium-ion batteries also have a certain memory effect, but much smaller than the nickel-hydrogen batteries only. But note that charging the battery, try to avoid too long, the general control within 12 hours.

The Dell XPS 15 Battery battery life varies not by the total use of time, but by the charge and discharge times to decide. If the battery is always attached to the notebook and not taken down, even if you turn off the machine and remove the AC power, the battery will not like the thought kept as fully charged state. Laptop battery battery in the integrated control circuit, so even if also turn the computer off when power. As one connected to AC power, the battery will start charging whenever the power is turned on or off, the battery will repeatedly charge and discharge, affect battery life.

For this reason, when using Dell Inspiron 1545 Charger the AC external power supply is best to unplug the battery, or the battery for a long time in the heat affect their life. If the battery is not being used for a long period, at least two months in charge and discharge time, to ensure that its activity. In the custody of the battery when there are problems that need attention. At present, the vast majority of notebooks used in lithium-ion battery for long periods of time, often prone to the phenomenon of excessive discharge, may no longer be able to charge. In order to prevent excessive discharge, charge state in half stored in a cool, dry place, and then once every six months, and then its electricity to half of the state.

In addition, the factors that affect battery life including the use of environmental temperature (below 30 ° C is recommended to use), battery storage and battery temperature suffered shock size. Battery will be in use for some time after aging, the specific expression of the resistance, in charge when both ends of voltage rise faster, so it is easy to charge control circuit is judged to have been filled, the capacity of natural decline in . Toshiba PA3905U-1BRS Battery Battery calibration is an effective way to deal with aging batteries, the few notebook will have a dedicated battery calibration software. If your laptop does not have a dedicated discharge software, you can follow the steps below:
1.The screen saver is disabled;
2.In the Windows Power Management power scheme is set to "always open";
3.Alarms tab will be "low battery alarm" is set to 10%, the operation is set to "no operation";
4."a serious power shortage alert," set to 3%, operating as "waiting";
5.The screen brightness set to maximum;
7.Confirm Close all the windows, and save all the data before the work;
8.Sure that the battery is charging more than 80%, unplug the power and all external devices.

After discharge, the notebook will automatically shut down after the power plug for laptop charging, this process can be repeated 2 to 3 times, the purpose is to let the battery current discharge, which discharge state in our daily use is impossible to achieve , the effect of those dedicated discharge software is basically the same.

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