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Communicate design ideas faster with PDF3D

by liyo89

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PDF3D® from Visual Technology Services Ltd. offers various tools that convert 3D documents of several file formats into rich, interactive and technical 3D pdf without the benefit of AutoCAD®. PDF3D ReportGen is a stand-alone user focused desktop application used to convert DWG to 3D PDF for collaboration, printing and review. It creates PDF document with embedded 2D and 3D content, functioning as a converter to 3D PDF from various formats. This is easily understood by a PDF3D video.

The PDF3D video explains each and every step to create 3D PDF and view it with multiple parts and also demonstrate conversion of DWG to 3D PDF. Firstly, a DWG file in the application is located using the button add files and the file is placed on the menu. Before converting the file, some particular DWG settings can be adjusted such as setting Assembly Depth on the interface tab and selecting shaded illustration on the 3D settings for CAD models. In addition, dimensional annotations are also enabled by clicking Automated PMI. Formats of layout and styles are selected by using 3D PDF Template. Then by clicking convert button, the DWG file is loaded and converted into 3D PDF and instantaneously open for review.

After conversion, the folder contains both the PDF and DWG file, just notice the difference between the file sizes of both the files. The converted file is around half the size of the original file. Over and above it, the PDF file is searchable with all the single parts listed in view menu, so every part can be isolated with its dimensions. In the PDF file, the model is easily viewed with zoom, pan and rotation operations. The parts of the model can be selected, for example the main section can be selected and changed to transparent and the internal parts of model can be exposed.

In the whole video, it is shown that the creation and DWG to 3D PDF Conversion with PDF3D is simple with the software PDF3D ReportGen. This application is truly beneficial and effective as nowadays numerous multinational companies use 3D PDF to share key outcomes with their team and clients. So it is the perfect time to look into the features and benefits to enhance effectiveness of organizations.

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