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School Management Software

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Castellan is a high quality, cost effective, user friendly school management software for Matriculation and CBSE Boards. Castellan is basically developed for Indian market after doing lot of ground works.

Module Features

Management (Helps the management to stay up to date activities of the school)

School Management    - Manage all the details such as Class Details, Subject Details, Student’s Academic Details, Staff’s Details, Multiple School Management, Library Management, Hostel Management, Transport Management, Alumni Association and Admission Management.

Accounts & Inventory   - Manage Fees, Payroll Process, Stationery Store, Sports Goods and Uniforms.  

 SMS  - SMS Module is the best solution to send Bulk SMS by Categories and Groups (e.g., to students, parents, staffs and groups such as dancers, fees reminders, NSS etc.,).  

Castellan Mail   - Management can send the customized messages by attaching the result/ holiday/school activity details by categories and groups.  

Reports  - It helps the management to view overall reports of the school at one place.  

School Website  - Ability to integrate castellan's features in your new or existing school website.

Teachers (Helps to reduce the work-stress and improve productivity)

Knowledge Management    - Teachers can share their notes, teaching strategies and knowledge to other teachers.  

Castellan Mail   - Castellan helps the teachers to send messages to parents by Categories, Sections and Groups regarding their son’s/daughter’s extra-curricular participation or any disciplinary issues.  

Attendance  - The attendance management helps to keeping a tab on the attendance of students. It is used to maintain the attendance electronically with the facility to customize the process. Instant one click attendance checking is useful if all students are present.  

Homework   - Teachers can upload/download their subject’s assignments and homework to respective students by Instant one click. Hence teachers can reduce their work-stress and improve their productivity.  

Progress Report   - Castellan helps the teacher to create the progress report effectively and send the reports to parents easily.

Parents (Helps to maintain a good relationship with parents and management)

Castellan Mail    - Castellan helps parents to send messages to teachers to let know the academic status of their son/daughter.  

 Attendance - Graphical representation of attendance will help the parents to monitor the whole academic year’s absence of their son/daughter.  

Homework - Parents can view all subjects’ assignments with starting/ending date.  

Uniforms   - Each class has a uniform in a day basis. Parents can view their son's/daughter's uniform lists.  

Syllabus - Parents can view their student’s syllabus online.  

Time Table - Parents can view their student’s day and class wise timetable online.  

Exams & Results   - Parents can view their son’s/daughter’s exam schedules and reports of respective months.  

 Online Fees Payment - Parents has the ability to pay the fees online and view the fees details such as Outstanding Fees, Fees Due Date etc.,


Students (Helps to organize the curriculum decisions and increases the performance of the students)

Knowledge Management  - It helps the students to improve their skills by Puzzles, Quiz Programs, Assessments, Previous Year’s Questions & Answers and Study Materials.  

Attendance - Graphical representation of the attendance will help the students to check off their attendance online.  

Homework - Students can view all subject’s assignments with starting/ending date.  

Uniforms   - Each class has a uniform in a day basis.  Students can view their uniform lists online.   Syllabus - Students can view their syllabus online.  

Time Table - Students can view their timetable online.  

Exams & Results   - Students can view their exam schedules and reports of respective month.



Groups  - Create customized groups such as Dancers, NSS, NCC etc., and integrate the group with SMS and Castellan Mail etc.  

Knowledge Management  - Share Teacher’s Notes, Study Materials, Previous Year’s Questions & Answers, Quiz Programs, Assessments etc.

Other Features  - Multiple School Management, Online and Offline Support, Instant SMS, Assessment, Track Student’s Knowledge etc.  

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