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About Church Seating and Style: Planning Your Design

by earnestinekettering

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Sunday is a holy day for Catholics and Christians all over the world for it is that day of the week to reaffirm their ties with the Almighty. It is that space in time where people can escape their earthly burdens and listen to the Word of God. When you leave right after the service, you can feel refreshed.

For some, an hour devoted at the service may feel like an infinity when the chairs are not that comfortable. The seat design can make for sore backs and constant fidgeting over the course of the service. In the worst case, these concerns can result in a congregation losing some members despite how touching and zealous the preacher is. To make the congregants feel at home and peaceful, the parish may need to get comfortable church seating. There are many considerations in doing so.


If the church is being renovated, space is at a premium if you want the entire congregation to see and listen to the preacher talk. The arrangements may differ, from 2 blocks of seats fronting the altar or a semi-circular arrangement with the seating at all areas facing the altar. The latter helps accommodate as many individuals as possible.

Down the Centerline

Aisles are fundamental areas of churches, particularly those that are created to hold weddings from the get-go. Often, the primary aisle is approximately 6 to 8 feet vast to hold big queues. The branch aisles can be half the width.

Pewing Up

A church furniture supplier could be asked to provide custom church pews for sale. Fire Code policies direct that the seats have to be big enough to seat approximately 15 people. Ordinary church benches range from a small 6 feet to as wide as 23 feet. The seating width for each person ranges from a minimum 18 inches to approximately 24 inches. The firm can style the church benches to match the atmosphere of the place of worship.

Going to church is a responsibility for each individual who trusts in the Word of God. Sitting in comfy furniture will make the hour spent in prayer more lively. To learn more, browse through

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