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Social Aspects of Gifts

by anonymous

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The source of controversy over advertising stems from the way it is used by online advertisers to promote the Valentines gifts in Pakistan. In accomplishing the sales or communication objectives of marketers, advertising influences social values, lifestyle and society's taste. It is criticized for being untruthful or deceptive, offensive or in bad taste and exploits vulnerable group.
It is generally agreed that today even online advertising exerts a powerful social influence and is criticized for encouraging materialism in society. Online advertising is blamed for manipulating consumers to buy things for which they have no real nee, depicting stereotypes and controlling the media.
A new movement is attacking marketing and advertising and involved the issues of sustainable resources to improve the market of gifts of eid, flower gifts, valentine gifts and so on. Consumer- oriented countries are overusing earth's resources and many critics are holding marketing and advertising as at least patrician responsible for the problem. They say that advertising and other forms of marketing convince people that consuming more products will bring them emotional rewards.
Materialism is the tendency to accord undue importance to material interests and this tendency, perhaps, lessens the importance of freedom, love and intellectual pursuits of society, which are non-material. People from many countries and cultural believes that materialism tends to be negatively related to happiness and hence is considered undesirable. Many people wonder whether online advertising of send gifts to Pakistan encourage materialism or it merely reflects values and attitudes that develop as consequences of more important sociological forces.

Critics of online advertising say that is should be used only to provide useful purchase relating information to consumers such as price, product feature, performance, etc. It should not attempt to persuade consumers by playing on their emotions, anxieties and psychological need, such as self-esteem, status, being attractive, etc., thus fostering discontent and exploiting them to purchase products and services that they do not need.

There is no doubt that advertising and the advertising of the products are a part of our culture and influence the it in some way, however, advertising cannot be said to have the power to dominate the force of religion, family, literature, etc., that contributes needs. to the values of society. Hence the free gifts to Pakistan, valentine gifts, gifts seem to be little support for the view that advertising is a pervasive force in alerting consumer spending. Level of income seems to determine the pattern of the consumption which in turn, influences the intensity of advertising.

In most societies, material possessions are considered as an evidence of success and many argue that an emphasis on material possessions does not means disinterest in intellectual, spiritual or cultural values. Consumers, who's basic need have been fulfilled, can be interested in fulfilling higher-order.
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