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How to Find Cheap Courier Services?

by Jameshorncastle

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To find cheap courier services you might think the internet is an easy option. It is. Only when searching on the Google with “cheap courier” you’ll get about 5,960,000 results, and you can spend the rest of your life on finding which one suits you. Considering that there are 5,960,000 web pages to sort, if you spend even 10 seconds on each page, - 3 seconds to load, and 7 seconds to browse, it will take you more than 3 years working 12 hours a day to find the right “cheap courier.”


So, what do we do? The same as what everyone else does. Focus on the first page of search engine results, for it shows at least that these people took their businesses seriously enough to get there and post themselves at the front line, on the first page of SERP. These are the kind of “cheap courier” I would be looking for: people dead serious about their businesses and actively investing to promote themselves. Now, of course, the task of finding a “cheap courier” becomes really easy. For we have limited the number of choices and focused on those service providers who place importance upon customers searching for a cheap courier.


Now, it is time to decide upon our priorities, because the priorities change from consignment to consignment and the definition of what is a cheap courier, depends upon the nature of the consignment, including its content, destination, and period of delivery. Each courier service has different plans to offer against the same destination with the charges differing upon many factors and your needs. So, the question is not about finding a cheap courier, but about finding a package which provides the optimum cost-benefit.


However, taking such a decision over a cheap courier requires one to be informed and experienced about the courier industry and the actual nature of the offerings that major services provide. Of course, if you are a top level employee of a courier service, you can make a proper informed decision, but since you are reading this article, let’s assume you are not. So, what should you do to find the right cheap courier for you?


Your alternatives are either to make semi-informed guesses, or trust go-betweens like who care for the small consumer and pass on their knowledge, experience, as well as savings to end consumers. And, by the way, if you search the Google with “cheap courier” is sure to show up on the first page, for they are dead serious about the small consumer. That’s how I decide upon my “cheap courier” and use DHL or other major providers through Or, may be “parcel too cheap?” Eh, what?

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