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Laptop battery activation process small coup

by onlvyy

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Battery is also expensive laptop inside consumables, the longer the life of our use of lower cost, we talk about the use

Small coup in notebook battery activation process
Coup 1, by repeated charge and discharge the Dell battery three times the normal boot so the battery power consumption to 3% of the Hp battery, the best time to run out of, not interval too

A long time.
Coup 2, immediately charging the Gateway battery charge off twelve hours. The batteries will self-discharge when the battery power consumption to 3% power, at this time if

Not in time to charge the battery self-discharge phenomenon can easily cause over-discharge of the battery and damage the IBM battery, a taboo is the lithium battery overdischarge.
Coup 3, the the activation processing charge of the SAMSUNG battery, the machine must be a shutdown of state. If the machine is running, the battery can not be.

The line is fully charged.
Coup 4, when the discharge to 3% of the electricity, the machine will automatically and immediately go to sleep, you should re-start the machine, the machine starts single

Hit the bottom left of the screen off button to confirm the machine turned off.

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