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The Access Control System: The Basic Types

by Securityinstallation

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If you want to have an improved security system in your premises or if you just want to upgrade your existing one by mixing and matching with another one, you can surely consider the access control system. As an access control system is considered as one of the most reliable and self sufficient security systems in the world, you can even have this system as your only security system and still be protected against the major crimes. There are several kinds of access control and CCTV installer companies in your vicinity whomyou can call and ask to offer you with the varieties they have in access control. Here is a list of the most common ones of them so that you can gather some prior understanding of this system.

Key Fobs

There is hardly any person in the world has not used any keys or locks on the doors of his house. Think of the key fobs as the improved and latest versions of your old school keys and locks. Yet, these are more effective and easy to use as in this case, the picking or tampering proof locks or the key jackets are fixed outside the door that do open with the particular key cards. Each jacket has its own key to function.


These are really very straightforward in design. The identification, authenticating and authorizing are done by the security codes to maintain the premises security. It will surely keep the doors from barging in folks keeping your property security in Kent strongly held as it works on the logic that only an authorized person would be able to provide the right code.


A CCTV company in Kent can help you to get one of these systems very easily. Here, the machine has already stored with the authorized peoples’ finger prints and when one of them puts his finger on the scanner, the machine allows him to enter the premises.

CCTV company in Kent

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