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2 Sides of a Coin: Los Angeles Breast Augmentation

by shavondaduarte

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Women commonly grumble about the measurements of their breast, thinking it's too big, too small, or embarrassingly irregular in shape. The distinction in size may be so glaring that some opt to go under the knife to deal with the condition. The proper breast correction procedure will rely on numerous aspects, but primarily on how you want to balance the measurements. You could have the smaller breast enhanced to match the larger one, or you can have the larger breast reduced to appear like the smaller one.

Breast enhancement and reduction are frequently conducted procedures in Los Angeles. If you are thinking of either one to fix breast asymmetry, the info in this article will introduce you to the processes involved. If you want to learn more regarding these procedures and how they apply to you directly, schedule a consultation with a board-certified Los Angeles breast augmentation and reduction specialist.

Breast enhancement

To start the operation, the cosmetic surgeon will first make an incision either in the furrow under the bust, through the navel, under the armpit, or around the areola. The surgeon will then make a pocket in the chest region (either above or below the breast tissue) where the breast implant is going to be put in. For the breast implant material, clients can select between silicone gel and saline breast implants. After the implant is positioned, the incision is then sewn up.

Breast reduction

In this operation, the plastic surgeon will make a cut around the nipple area of the bigger breast, then downward on the breast in the form of a keyhole. Any type of additional skin, fat, and tissue are going to be removed, and the nipple will then be repositioned. After that, the incision will be shut, wherein the breast will then be closer in size and form to the smaller-sized one.

Both operations will take approximately two to five hours to carry out, in some cases even longer. You would have to take at least a week off from school or your job to allow yourself to recuperate from the surgical procedure. Some individuals take two weeks to recover, but each situation can vary.

Unbalanced breasts might not be your only cosmetic issue. If you're concerned with the frown lines and creases that are now surfacing on your face, you could speak to a Los Angeles Botox specialist also. The good news is, most cosmetic surgeons in LA could perform breast augmentation/reduction and oversee Botox procedures, so go over all these treatments with your cosmetic surgeon on your preliminary consultation. Find out even more regarding Botox by visiting


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