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For as long as memory goes man has lived in harmony with the nature around him and tried to adapt itself to the way of the nature. After the Industrial Revolution broke through the shackles all regard for environment was forgotten and people started to exploit the nature in a hap hazard manner, almost with utter contempt. People started to use products that had a very damaging impact on the environment around us leading to a phenomenon that is commonly known as Global Warming. The construction and home utilities industry was not to be left behind; it rather used some methods, materials and technology which have immensely contributed to the abuse caused to the environment.

 Recently though there has been a concerted effort on part of people to improve their habits and use products that are less damaging to nature and at the same time provide more affordable benefits to them. Such products are known in the market today as green products which use environmentally safe materials and ingredients to provide the same services that were earlier provided using toxic materials etc. When it comes to toxic, cleaning products are one of the most ardent users of toxic materials, chemicals and what not which not only provide harm to the environment but are also at times hazardous to us.

Today, green products for cleaning are very accessible and affordable; they can be easily made at home or found in any departmental store. Green products are very safe and keep the harmful chemicals out of your house and reach of your children. The entry of many manufacturers has brought down the price considerably and made it accessible to the masses. Green products hardly have any side effects except that people usually complain that they don’t have the time to mix up their own cleaning solution and use this to continue using the same old harmful products.

On the other hand its advantages are many, the users of green products usually feel a sense of pride as they feel they are being a part of the protection of the environment and this feeling gets them to use the products on frequent basis. Secondly, green products do not disappoint you on the performance front as they are as good as their harmful counterparts. Thirdly, green products are much cost saving, it does not take much to buy some of the ingredients from the market and mix them up to create a solution yourself or buy a product altogether and most importantly it saves your kids from exposure to harmful chemicals.

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