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The good things in life are better when enjoyed sparingly

by richardd2805

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In these times austerity, more and more people are falling into the trap. It’s one that has ensnared countless unfortunates over the years, and one many have become entangled in without having ever realised. It is, of course, the trap of staying in.

For many, the weekend rituals have been given up in an effort to save money. This is understandable- times are hard- even laudable - it takes a lot of willpower to give up that sort of fun- but not entirely necessary. Obviously restraint has to be exercise and  many men will have to adjust to the idea that they cannot even afford to hire a cheap escort every Friday night.  What they should realise however, is that staying in every weekend is going to leave them miserable. We all need to have a break from the stress of our working lives, especially now when employers expect more than ever from us. It’s essential for our mental well being to actually relax every so often and free ourselves from many of our obligations. If you don’t you’ll find that your work will suffer for it, especially when it comes to high stress situations. Being chained to your desk robs you of a chance to come back at a problem with a fresh perspective and a rested mind, which is invaluable.

So how to achieve a balance between the two? The starting point is to realise that taking a night off isn't going to kill anyone. Shedding your sense of guilt is the vital first step to actually allowing yourself to recover from the week. The second is setting a budget and sticking to it. If you’re only spending what you can spare at the moment, you won’t need to worry about things, again allowing you to worry less and party more. Thirdly, and arguably most importantly, do it occasionally. Enjoying luxuries every weekend might not be an option, in fact it probably won’t be. So don’t go for cheaper products instead, save up and have less nights out with a higher quality. Going to a crummy bar 4 times a month can’t compare to going to a trendy nightclub every few weeks, especially not when you’re an eligible gentleman. This applies to pretty much everything: eat a porterhouse instead of mince, drink bubbly instead of flat white don’t settle for a cheap escort when you can enjoy a far better level of companionship. The good things in life are often rare, that’s what makes them so enjoyable.

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