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Voice Biometric : Minimizing The Threat Of Data Stealing

by uniphoresolution

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Intoday’s time consumers are becoming less loyal and tend to
switch to other service or company as soon as they discover better then
previous. All companies are aware with this fact and are constantly searching
solutions to grow their relationships with the exist customers as well as
discovering new customers. Smart mobility can be the best solution to overcome
these hurdles by giving the access of their services and their desired info 24x7
so that the customers can use rightly their purchasing power and revel in more
matured experiences.But by giving access to the information and services one
threat that the companies or customers can face is what if someone disguises as
the permanent customer steal the sensitive information as it isn’t hard for
someone to steal the password or PIN code that you use to unlock these

Thus, both consumers and businesses feel requirement of a
well-defined strong security strategy to protect everything that is usually
approved and saved on cellular devices.

To end this concern Uniphore introduces voice biometric
technology. It's a proven fact that like tips of your fingers and also iris
everyone possesses a unique voice and this voice softwarework about speech
authentication. Once you starts any transaction on the cell phone you'll ask to
repeat a number of phrases, when you repeat phrases speech authentication
begins and also able to make a distinction among actual person or a deception.

Howthis application works? Whenever user begins the method through dialogue
to the microphone attached with the computer at the clientele end, a digital
audio file created for voice recognition program to utilize.  Second step VR software programs takes the
electronic documents and divide it into little pouches involving info that is
named Phonemes. Once the software programs acknowledge most of these phonemes
it then go with most of these phonemes while using predefined as well as
prerecorded phrases if the words matched up it proceed withnext method else the
entire method ends there.

Along with latest developments
in this technology, speech biometrics is now very strong along with consistency.
This technology is persistently overcoming itsshortcomings to make it more reputable.
For instance, background disturbance was one of the important hurdles, which
might have affect reliability prices. However, brand-new acknowledgement
tactics along with units are being utilized to lessen background disturbance to
offer greater reliability.

Working with accelerating conversation technologies VoiceNet
gives power to the people to transact safely along with speed. By using voice
software, corporations can interacts with consumers speedily and safely. On the
reverse side end users can communicate in a relaxed manner in their native
words with virtually no trouble in completing financial dealings. VoiceNet
employs Interactive voice Reply (IVR), Multilingual Conversation
Identification, Voice Biometrics, along with Text to Speech (TTS). The actual
result could be the best style marketing communications platform, including
customizable pages, dealings, information on requirement (PULL), alarms (PUSH),
and interactive dialogue, along with voice recordings.

Now most of the people even residing in rural areas are
capable to operate mobile phones so this technology has become easy to
implement even on the most basic phones.Uniphore is one of the companies that
introduced voice biometricssystem in India. Half million-end users are already
using Uniphore’stechnologies.

Voice biometric minimizing the threat of tempering the
sensitive data

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