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Online Portfolio for Designer Better Way to Showcase Work

by pixpadesign

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Online portfolios are like the traditional and typical portfolios in terms of goals. Designers use it to showcase their talent and experience blended together in categories, themes, tasks and time of designs. I have seen a portfolio of a designer who showcased his task from early days to professional days. At first there were designs of his rookie days. Those designs were funny and easy things, which anyone with Photoshop can do. Then he went on describing how he started gaining experience, his first assignment, his first certification, his first feedback and so on. In the latter stages there were designs we never even dream of, the designs were a mixture of skills gained over the years and ultimate creativity. After spending five minutes in his portfolio, I could wait but hire him.

I did not hire him because he is a good designer. I hired him for his vision and the idea that was behind that portfolio. I am sure there are a lot of professional designers out there, but how many of them have actually thought about such a portfolio? So you see, it is not just the design that comes to play, but the showcase which frames your designs also plays a vital role

There are certain things that give an online portfolio a leading edge over the hard copy notebook. They are:

1.Professional and Innovative way to showcase your work
2.Create a great first impression
3.Create a brand for yourself online

It is essential for a graphic designer to have an online portfolio. It is a display of all your work that you show to your potential clients. Building a portfolio is a polished way of showcasing your work and experience as well. In a traditional portfolio, there is no room for innovation, but here you have the freedom to create your own work.

If you have a link to your website and a link at the bottom of the resume, they will definitely want to see your creation. Your online portfolio is filled with your design samples, presentations and a lot of eye-catching stuff. You have to say that you are impressed.

Increases your online presence. If your employer Googles your name, you will be visible with all your work. Quite a great way to create an impression. Huh?

The best thing about your online portfolio is that you can change the contents of your website with the click of a mouse button. On the other hand, when you add something to your resume, you will need to change and update the whole portfolio. Feel the difference.

Presenting your work through an online portfolio is an attractive, professional and accessible way. You can always take the benefits that come from using technology and always be a step ahead of the people who are still dependent on the hard-copy portfolio system.

Pixpa lets you to create online portfolio website for designers,artists and photographers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.



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