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Choose a Job Shop that Guarantees UID Verification

by mikeyoung

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Just about anyone involved in UID labeling or asset tracking will recommend working with seasoned experts when determining methods for meeting compliance requirements. There are many manufacturers that make use of high quality job shops that provide UID labeling and UID verification services for suppliers in the military industry. If you’re considering outsourcing your company’s nameplates, tags, or labels then you’ll want to ensure you choose the best manufacturer possible. Don’t settle for a shop with less than 100% quality control for your needs.

Did you know that today, many companies also provide the option of direct part marking? Sometimes it makes more sense to simply mark the part, itself, with the required identification. This method may even provide considerable savings to government contractors in some circumstances. Many professionals recommend choosing a job shop with the capability to provide a wide range of solutions that comprise multiple marking technologies, label and nameplate substrates, and stringent quality control.

UID verification is an important facet of label and nameplate production. Verification enables a solid checkpoint for ensuring all UID identification appears correctly on compliant labeling. Furthermore, verification devices go a step further, to also verify the underlying syntax of presented data as required in MIL-STD-130 specifications. Leading job shops will guarantee that their products are fully compliant and regularly make use of UID verification equipment to quickly authenticate information making certain that labels or nameplates are correct, properly encoded, and in accordance with MIL-STD-130 guidelines. The best manufacturers also provide options for custom, verified nameplates or labels made from certified materials; such as special nameplates for use in an acid bath. Despite this severe environment, these nameplates are able to withstand long-term exposure while remaining legible and 100% readable satisfying requirements for DoD compliance standards.

If you’re in the market for UID labels or nameplates, consider learning more about Jet City Laser, Inc. This leading company delivers ultra-high quality UID compliant identification with 100% quality control. Nameplates are verified readable from up to ten angles; making them perfect for hard to reach areas and curved or oddly-shaped surfaces. Label and nameplate materials are guaranteed to conform to all applicable standards and built to last – without premature degradation or corrosion. Visit them online to learn more today at Browse through their project gallery and view UID marking examples online with ease.


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Mike Young is a plant manager at a company in Kent, Ohio. He takes pride in his work and enjoys working with others on a daily basis. From this job, he has gathered a wealth of knowledge, including important information about UID verification and UID labels, such as those provided by Jet City Laser at

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