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Examining Vehicle Issues a Lansing Michigan Auto Repair Shop

by basilglenn

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It's good to bring your automobile to a Lansing Michigan auto repair service for automobile difficulties, but it's much better if you could prevent these in the first place. A recent report about the most often reported troubles in cars has led researchers to believe that these will require repairs that could cost you an arm and a leg. Without correct maintenance, your vehicle will be useless and will be a pricey liability.

Regardless of repair costs having fallen for the last 6 years, some of the most common vehicle problems continue to burn every vehicle owner's wallets. The Vehicle Health Index says a simple trouble like a spark plug, provided enough time, can lead to a more expensive replacement like a catalytic converter. Never skip upkeep after reaching a number of miles to avoid some of the most common and most expensive repair work jobs.

Engine misfire

A misfire in the engine occurs when the spark plug ignites the fuel at the worst time, resulting in knockback. The problem can range from bad spark plugs (around $20 per plug) to damaged fuel injection systems (up to $1,000). With the engine combusting at the wrong periods, the vehicle will rock or jerk while moving owing to significant stress.

Catalytic converter trouble

In case the engine accidentally ejects any unused gas, it depends on the catalytic converter beside the exhaust pipe to convert the damaging compounds to safe substances. Correct upkeep of the catalytic converter ensures that a car burns clean regardless of the type of fuel used. The unit alone may cost about hundreds and that doesn't include labor and setup costs.

System too lean

When the fuel-air blend is heavy on the "air" part, the engine control system could register that the blend is too lean for appropriate combustion. A computer system set up on the engine usually operates the valves that enable the appropriate blend of air and fuel into the combustion chamber. Without the right mix, the engine might not process it appropriately, resulting in a shortage of power. Repair costs for such a thing might go from $150 and above.

If you like to know even more about other usual auto issues, read the article at or visit For direct info, see a Lansing Michigan auto repair center on your next maintenance routine check.

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