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Why Photographers Need a Portfolio Website

by pixpadesign

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If you are a photographer, I mean a professional one, then you must have taken thousands of photos in your entire lifetime. And one cannot simply criticize their own work. You will always like your own photos and feel like showing them to all your potential clients. But is it physically possible to carry loads of photos with you all the time. Of course not, so the online photo portfolio comes as a life saver.

In an online portfolio, you can literally store all your photographs that you have taken in your lifetime and there are certain advantages that will be possible only on an online portfolio that is not possible in a paper resume. The benefits are as follows:

1.Genre style organization
3.Social Plugins
4.Slide show
5.Links to contact you directly
6.Sale of photos online

You can add labels to your photos, black and white photos will go under one label, rural photos will go under another label, wedding photos in another and another label for the genre. So if there is a client who want to hire you for his/her wedding, they do not need to browse through all the photos you have taken but the ones they need to see. This will save their time and will create a positive impact for you.

Commenting is a great component in today’s web 2.0. You can add social plugins, so if anyone comments, the link will go to their Facebook profile which will bring clients to your site, increasing the chance to gain potential customers. Other photographers can comment too and share their opinion and feedback which can help you improve in your photography career.

To make your portfolio interesting, you can make a slideshow of all the photos that you have taken, add a background music and other media to enhance the user experience to gain more attention over your competitors.

There can be a contact form where anyone will be able to contact you directly without the hassle of sending an email. They can sign up to your newsletter or subscribe to the RSS feed, in that way, if you add a new content, they will be notified. In that way, you will never lose your past clients.

You can turn your portfolio into a photo exhibition where people can buy your photos by making an e-commerce site. Make it easy to navigate, you will have a lot of customers buying your photos, gibing you royalty directly via credit card or services like PayPal.

At first, display the best of your photos and then go on in descending order. Create an entire page dedicating the awards you have won. You can also list the feedbacks you have received from your past clients, link it to them. An introductory page that will tell everything about you just in case your client wants to do a background check on you. You can create a comparison chart where you can show how you are better that the other photographers.

Photography is a profession with a lot of potentials, and if there are certain things that will make you more appealing than your competitors, online photography portfolio is certainly one of them.

Pixpa lets you to create online portfolio website for photographers,artists and designers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.

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