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St Louis MO Mosquito Control: Defending Your Family Against

by maurineroe

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Daily life in the Gateway to the West can be very stimulating, what with all the sights and attractions and of course, the fantastic old blues. St. Louis, Missouri is home to remarkable people and attractions in the areas mentioned: soul, blues, jazz singer Oleta Adams and pop/hip-hop icons Nelly and Akon, and the famous Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, which houses one of the greatest mosaic installations on the planet. However, one of the common problems of homes in the urban area is mosquito problem. Here are a number of tips on mosquito control in St Louis MO.

Mosquito bites can carry with it a ton of diseases that can spread to your loved ones and even your pets. These disease-riddled pests propagate on stagnant water so see to it you rid your home of their breeding premises. Check your yard, roof, and any other areas in your residence where stagnant water commonly takes place ; Make sure all buckets, drums, and other containers of water are covered at all times.

You also need to keep your garden well-kept and well-manicured. Tall grasses make good hiding spots for these insects particularly in the day when they are practically sedentary. Look around for waste like tin cans and wine bottles where rainfall or sprinkler water may collect and become a home for mosquitoes.

Remove plants which attract these insects and pick those with can serve as mosquito repellants like marigold, rosemary, catnip, garlic, ageratum and peppermint which are all reasonably simple to grow and don't call for much care. Plant these near your doors or in locations that could serve as mosquito passageways. You can also put a paddle fan on your covered outdoor patio to keep the mosquitoes away.

Safety should agree with quality mosquito control. There are numerous kinds of non-toxic mosquito repellants that you can use on your skin, clothes or other surfaces. For supplementary defense and invasion elimination, it is always best to call experts that give professional mosquito treatment in St Louis MO. These contractors can help decrease mosquito population by as much as 100 % with treatment method every two weeks using a synthetic substance similar to that found in the chrysanthemum plant.

Mosquito control can be a great deal of toil but all the initiative is definitely worth it. Safeguarding your family from health problem should be a main concern, and mosquito control specialists are your partners for the task. For more details on how to repel mosquitoes from your home, log on to

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