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Avoid the stress of the station by pre-booking Victoria stat

by broderickk

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Quickly! Frantic movement. Checking timetables. Grabbing coffee. Dodging latecomers. Faster! Suitcases skid past. The chatter of phones. Snippets of polite conversation between colleagues. Shout of frustration shattering any peace. Staff shepherding hordes down the stairs and to the right. The hustle and bustle of the city condensed under a single roof Victoria station.

It really is a wonderful place: a buzzing hive of excitement and anticipation, a place where worlds collide. There’s so much to be done, deadlines to be met, meetings to be attended, schedules to be adhered to. The nervous energy sweeps under the station’s newly renovated iron arches, through the misty cloud of coffee vapors and out into the city, past the Victoria station taxis, their drivers beset by unorganized travelers in the cold morning air: “will I make it on time?” “What platform? What carriage?” “Why didn’t I think of this before it was too late?” It’s all too easy to be caught up in it and swept away in a wave of panic and anxiety. Tense faces greet your apprehension and that feeling of dread niggling away at you grows.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You’re not at the station now, you’re at home and you have the time to make things simple. Don’t factor a meager minute or two into your journey to buy lunch; what if there’s a queue or if you can’t make up your mind? Why subject yourself to the pressure and the worry, the impatient tuts of your fellow commuters and yourself conscious realization that as you fumble around for your wallet, you’re making everyone else late too? Pack a lunch, get an earlier train, or buy your meal deal the night before to stop everything from being such a rush.

That bus that you want to catch, will it turn up on time? Who knows, sometimes they don’t seem to turn up at all. That tube might get you to the right area but do you know how to find your way through the winding maze of streets in the precious little time you have left? There are a lot of Victoria station taxis you know, have you thought about booking one of those?  It would save a lot of hassle.

You’d be surprised at how much your quality of life can improve if you just take the time to plan in advance. In this day and age, life is stressful enough without having to worry about doing everything at the last minute. There’s something rather beautiful about turning up at the station, everything taken care of, and letting the rush pass you by as you walk, calm and confident, through the thronging crowds, knowing that you’re safe.

So next time you’re standing at the Victoria station taxis rank, with the rain pouring down and time ticking, remember. It didn’t have to be this way.


Author Information: Broderick is a freelance writer with experience contributing to various magazines and websites on a wide range of topics about victoria taxis. To know more about his writings Visit Here


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