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Right Guidance To Your Intellectual Property Requirements

by peterfarj

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If you have invented a new creation, you will be interested in stating that it has been created by you such that nobody creating the same type of product after you can state that they were the first to introduce it. Creations here include those with both commercial and moral value. Here comes the role of Intellectual Property Rights.

This rule offers grants to the author of an intellectual creation with the exclusive right to benefit and exploit from his creation. However, the negative side of this right is that it has geographical limitations, certain time duration and limited scope. It is intended for stimulation of creativity in the minds of human for the benefit of all by ensuring that the creator will have the full rights towards his creation. This right offers him with the liberty to make any modifications as and when required.

The intellectual property rule consists of six primary areas namely unfair competition, licensing, trade secret, copyright, trademark and patent law. When an individual is planning to register his creation, he can contact a professional legal firm like Farjami Law Firm and Farjami & Farjami LLP for getting complete guidance in this respect. Now, let us understand why this rule is gaining more and more popularity:

Intellectual property is an important asset of the creator and the need for this rule has further enhanced due to the new developments being made in the field of science and technology. People engaged in creative works in different fields like music, written works, etc…. In the current competitive landscape, the need for professional attorneys with expertise in this branch is growing. As long as discoveries and inventions continue to exist, the need for these professionals will never depreciate. During the recession period in different economies, even though the other areas of law were struggling, the need for lawyers under this branch continued to exist.

As mentioned earlier, this law offer complete freedom for the creators to protect others from using their brand symbol or brand name once they are registered under trademark and patent rights. The right will have substantial and direct impact on the trade and industry as the owner of an IPR might prevent the sale and manufacture of their creations with the help of this law.

Professional law firms like Farjami Law Firm and Farjami & Farjami LLP, who are specialized in different laws coming under the category of Intellectual property can offer helping hand in this respect.


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