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Lancashire was once the biggest cotton producer in the world

by limajenson

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Lancashire is one of the country’s most storied areas. Riddled with old tales of war, jealousy, scandal and revolution, it’s hardly surprising to find out that many considering it be a top attraction. The renowned local Lancashire escorts are certainly a big draw, but it’s the past beauties, rather than current ones that really sell the area. It’s easy to anyone to delve into this rich vein of history, thanks to the county’s accessible collection of records and once they get there, they’ll find a wondrous haul that’s reveals the incredible past behind the peaceful countryside.

The red Lancashire rose is an iconic symbol of the area, made famous by the 15th century clash that would have a massive impact on Britain’s history. A power struggle between York and Lancashire had left the north in ruins, wrought by tension and political strife. Back then, most countries were too unfeasibly large to be ruled entirely by a centralised monarch, so power was devolved to the nobility. This ruling class ultimately owed allegiance to the king, but they would generally oversee most of the lawmaking themselves. This was hardly a new concept for Europe: much of it existed as a group of loosely unified city states before the industrial age brought monarchs. Germany and Italy didn’t even exist at that point: they were just small collections of affiliated countries. With the mood so fractious, it’s hardly surprising that war broke out and the two counties were at each other’s throats for years. Eventually Henry Tudor, future king of England, emerged victorious and consolidated power by unifying the two houses. The rest, as they say, is history.

For a few hundred years, the area was fairly peaceful, by contemporary standards anyway. The industrial revolution however, was poised to change everything. The effects of mass industrialisation of Britain’s major cities is already well documented but few could have predicted how much wealth and strategic importance cities like Lancashire would gain from the process. It went from being a relatively modest production town to the centre of the world’s cotton trade. Eventually, 85% of the global cotton manufacturing happened there, bringing unprecedented wealth and status to the area.

In the years since then, the production industries have moved away from Britain and towards the cheaper labour rates of the east. The closing of the mills has had a terrible effect on the North, leaving many areas as faded ghost towns, stripped of their heart and soul. Today, the world of the textiles producer is largely mechanised and many of the gorgeous ladies that once toiled in the workshops have found better lives, living glamorous existences as Lancashire escorts, models or actresses. In many ways, it’s a marked improvement. Their talents are no longer wasted and rather than trying to compete with the power of China and India, Britain is competing in a marketplace where it actually has a chance.

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