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Location as a service

by nickchristo7

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GeoLoqal – Innovation
GeoLoqal’s platform provides sophisticated features that support application developers in the entire process of building, testing and monetizing Location-Aware Applications. What sets GeoLoqal apart from other Mobile development platforms is our focus on innovation and attention to detail.

Location simulation
No other platform offers the developers an opportunity to simulate geolocations globally or location testing mobile user motion and behavior across the world. GeoLoqal can be used to simulate how an application would behave in an user’s hands in any part of the world. Geo targeting involves creating a series of complex codes to define fences.

Flexible geofencing
Most Mobile Platforms make the process of creating geofences with circles easy. Configuring the geofences for arbitrary shapes and fine tuning them is very complicated and requires years of deep GIS experience. GeoLoqal’s development Platform allows developers to configure geofences that are intuitive – point and click to create arbitrary shapes/geofences and a developer is ready to provide location based solutions to their customers. On top of this, a developer can easily group multiple geofences so that each location information can be verified against any or all of the geofences that are active.

GeoLoqal’s Mobile Development Platform is fully compatible with the customers’ existing systems. The Platform uses webhooks to keep customers’ existing back-ends in sync. So any events/triggers that occur in GeoLoqal’s platform is immediately synched with customers’ backend systems. This translates to a very low exit barrier for customers that are using other geofencing platforms.

Battery Safe SDKs
It is a well known fact that GPS usage eats into the battery life of mobile devices. GeoLoqal’s SDKs solve this problem by intelligently using a combination of GPS, A-GPS, Wifi, GeoIP, Cell-ID etc.

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