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Finding Doors in Vancouver B.C.: Its Four Kind

by marlahinds

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Vancouver is a place where all sorts of architectural styles meet. A variety of Edwardian establishments can be seen in the city's old downtown center. Modernist buildings may be seen in the current downtown area. You also have the gothic-style Christ Church Cathedral towering from a distance. Even doors of Vancouver B.C. homes are of varying kinds. Below's a list of a few of them.


Slab doors are your average, everyday door. This type of door can be seen in practically every home all around the world-- a single piece of rectangular wood, metal, or composite material that is available in a number of dimensions. Slab doors can be made textured (with detailing) or flush (flat). Glass inserts can also be put in to give a more elegant look.


A French door is characterized by 2 door panels that swing in and out and lock in the middle. Because most French doors are incorporated with glass panels, it is frequently used in rooms that have inadequate natural lighting. French doors are available in various designs; some are built with a single glass panel, while others are constructed with multiple glass panels. When installing French doors in Vancouver B.C. homes, you have to account for clearance on each side of the door panels.


A sliding door is made up of two to four big glass panel doors that move horizontally past each other. Since sliding doors do not swing in or out, they don't need any clearance. Several sliding doors built today are manufactured to give better insulation, making them energy-efficient. This type of door is typically used when easy access between outdoor (outdoor patio, pool, deck, etc.) and indoor living spaces is needed.


A bi-fold door, also named bypass door, is a system of hinged door panels that stack against the wall. Bi-fold doors are space-saving coverings basically used for closet, utility rooms, and other compact rooms that can't accommodate a regular hinged door. But, this does not suggest that bi-fold doors cannot be used in other areas of a house. They can be mirrored, flushed or louvered to suit the design of any room.

With several door kinds and lots of designs to pick from, selecting the right door for your property could be quite a task. To help make things much easier, use your home's total design as your guide. For more information, visit

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