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What To Consider When Writing A Song

by andrerenaud

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There are many important factors to consider when writing a song. Many who do not write music think that it just falls from the sky in to the brain of a composer before it ends up on the radio, on cd, or in a download that we have received from the internet. Anyone who creates music will tell you that this simply is not true. Extensive laboring has gone on for years enabling tunesmiths to master their craft before their music sees the light of day. Many have to work a long time before discovering the process that is unique to them, but leads to success creatively and commercially.

With music composition software no easily available through any online music store, shortcuts have allowed songwriters to speed up the process that will help them to reach success much sooner. An online music store ,the internet, and digital technology have aided many musicians and composers with performance, arrangement, and recording as well. It only makes sense that composition can be part of this important renaissance.

For those who are attempting to write a song for the first time, I will state some of the necessary things to consider. Many have wondered where to start. I suggest deciding the speed of your music. Do you want it to be fast, slow, or mid tempo? You may choose to think of a piece of music that you are familiar with to use as an example of how you wish for the tempo of your creation to be.

The rhythm of the song needs to be decided before carrying on further. Some to be considered could be a shuffle, waltz, rock beat, swing, jazz, blues or hip hop beat. The genre of the music that you are creating often determines what the rhythm of the tune will be.

Do you want the song to have a dark ambience or a happy and uplifting vibe? This decision will help you to determine whether you want the song to be in a major or minor key. Many composers write major or minor key songs while others compose in both. I suggest deciding what your song will be used for and how you want people to perceive it before making this decision.

If you know which instruments you intend on using for the arrangement (probably ones that you or your band members play) you may wish to compose a piece of music that lends itself to those particular instruments being used. Composing for brass and woodwind instruments is often very different than writing for guitars and a drum set.

The key of the song is also an important factor to consider. Knowing the range of the singer's voice is necessary in order to be certain that the composition is one that the vocalist is capable of performing in a studio and live. Guitar tunings and arrangement can have an effect on which key should be used as well.

If you are overwhelmed by all of these decisions it is also important for you to know that you don't need to be. A visit to an online music store can set you up with user friendly music composition software that will assist you with all of the above and have you creating masterpieces very soon!

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