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Purpose-made marine lights are handy for night work says Field Editor, DICK EUSSEN who recently used one to chase rabbits, mullet and crocodiles. I generally carry a spotlight of sorts, or at least a powerful torch when I’m on a night fishing expedition. I also find it a pretty good insurance policy in case the vehicle breaks down.


State and Territory marine regulations make it mandatory to carry a light aboard a boat, however, these lights are generally part of the emergency kit, so I won’t go there.


Most handheld spotlights I’ve used over the years are not corrosion proof and the marine environment has quickly destroyed these cheapies. Enter the Max-Lume Handheld Marine Spotlight, a purpose-designed spotlight for tough saltwater and freshwater conditions.


I used one of these handy lights recently on a rabbit shoot and, believe me, it gave the poor bunnies little

chance because it effectively blinded and froze them in their tracks. By the way, rabbit is great eating if you haven’t tried it.


 Anyway, I was on the Daintree River before the rabbit shoot and stopped long into the night to fish the change of the tide. Just for the hell of it we boated along a mangrove fringed bank looking for crocodiles, not really a hard job in this river with lots of crocs about.


I found the Max-Lume light was amazing and lit up the darkness well beyond the mangrove jungle. In a narrow creek we had to switch it off as a school of mullet went into panic mode. Many swam into the side of my Quintrex Dory; some jumped and ended up into our laps. But when a 50cm queenfish leapt into the Dory I switched the light off. I can tell you it’s no fun being hit in the face by a flying fish that big!


 The Max-Lume Handheld is a very good torch light, totally water and corrosion resistant and built for the outdoors available at all leading fishing tackle shop. It is ergonomically balanced for long handheld use due to the user-friendly textured non-slip grip that works even in damp conditions with wet, cold hands. The following features are of interest. The light is fitted with one ultra-bright HIF 35watt HID with internal ballast that provided a true white light of 3750LM2. The casing is coloured yellow, and made from a lightweight hi-tech engineered polymer for extreme strength and durability.


The 175mm computer-designed reflector housing rotates for easy tailor beam patterns to suit your requirements from a tight spot to a floodlight. The reflector unscrews for easy bulb replacement. This is an ideal, very tough outdoor handheld spotlight, handy for many field applications such as hunting fishing, camping, four-wheel driving, security, surveillance or just animal spotting. Like bunnies for instance!


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