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Say Braces!: Ideal Dental Care from a Denver Orthodontist

by codyzieba

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One of the most humiliating point's in anybody's life, particularly for teens, is getting braces. You couldn't smile without everyone catching a glimpse of steel on your teeth. In the first few days after installation, you can not eat much solid food without the metal spoon striking the teeth because of the pain. You just decide to bear with the adjustments until your dentist decides to take it off.

The very moment that all those wires and brackets are taken off can make you think on reflex, "It's all over." Well, yes and no, depending on what your trusted Denver orthodontist says. After crafting a new mold based on the new shape of your teeth, the specialist can study them and later analyze if the treatment was a success.

At the practice, the orthodontist evaluates the status of your teeth after removal. Because much time, effort, and money was invested on having your teeth repaired, there must be a noticeable change in the way your teeth looks. However, in a lot of cases, treatment does not end with the removal of braces but continues with the use of retainers.

Retainers are special orthodontic devices that are used to keep the now-adjusted teeth in place. These are composed of a hardened material that is the foundation for a number of wires that will cover the teeth. Hawley retainers are the most typical retainers used. Unlike traditional steel braces, retainers can be cleared away occasionally for cleaning.

But what if you still worry that even with retainers you'll elicit the exact same odd looks even if there's just a single wire noticeable? A certified Invisalign Denver dentist can change these with removable and invisible aligners that are much more comfortable but just as useful. First hitting the market in 2000, Invisalign is a clear set of aligners that when used, reposition your teeth to the correct position.

Having braces removed is a pretty liberating experience. And with the continuing innovation in orthodontist, dental alignment treatments will soon be done in a much shorter time with smaller braces and with even superior results. Now, that will make you smile from ear to ear! For more information on post-braces life, go to solutions.3

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