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London loves a good breakfast, and so will you

by samronald

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Brunch is the time of day where you either slept in and have no decided that you have been up long enough to enjoy eating a more substantial breakfast of cooked meaty goodness, or that time of day where you have woken up next to someone that you didn’t expect to see and this seems like a good way to get to know them a little better before saying your farewells. No matter what your reason Londoners love brunch and here are a few good places to go, whether with a random one night stand or that lovely escort you spent the night with.

If you prefer snazzy English fare in a swanky area then Soho’s Dean Street Townhouse is for you and your escort or date. Serving breakfast early and throughout the morning means that you should always get a table and the food here is good English fare coupled with starched table cloths and impeccable service. You can also dine outside on a lovely day and enjoy getting a little sun on your cheeks and the buzz that Soho has to offer.

Another great place to dine later in the morning is Hawksmoor Guildhall. If you are after a brunch that shows off how successful and powerful you are then this is the place to go. It is brilliant at impressing upon said date that you are a businessman who means business. The menu is full of meaty hearty fare and the teas and coffee are very sophisticated, adding a touch of glamour and gentlemanliness to the breakfast. If you are a powerful business man and you want people to know about it then this is the place for you.

If you have a feeling that business may not have been completely finished last night (i.e. you and your escort still have a little time together and have planned an erotic massage before lunch) then you need to get to The Riding House Cafe for your sustenance. This delightful little brassiere offers all the usual brunch offerings as well as a lighter menu featuring bircher muesli and fruits, meaning that you don’t have to fill up to regain energy. You can return to your hotel room nearby for that massage without feeling bloated, which is always a great way to feel when you are on the receiving end of a very sexy, very sensual morning massage.

No matter your reasons for dining later in the morning, and no matter whether you decide to dine with an old friend, a business acquaintance or your lovely London escort, London will always pull out all the stops for a great brunch in the city, no matter where you are or what your plans for later will be.

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Sam Ronald is a freelance writer, who contributes to numerous blogs and websites. He is the Author of V London for the article on Escort London. The website provides access to the erotic massage services with gorgeous East London Escorts.

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