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Roof Repair: How do Professionals Fix Roofs

by nelsonmcglaughlin

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Getting on your roofing may resemble enjoyable, but fun simply lasts until somebody slips and breaks a bone. Slip and fall damages are absolutely nothing new to roof repair, as doing the job many feet from the ground is the nature of the task. Roofing contractors learn over time that there is more than one way to get to the roof aside from ladders.

But for now, ladders will stay as the most feasible path from the ground to the roof; roofing professionals use either a Type I or Type II ladder. A Type I ladder is more suitable since it has a load capacity of approximately 250 pounds; a type II ladder, meanwhile, can only take 25 pounds less the load that type I carries, a maximum load limit of 225. The weight limit is enough for roofing contractors to get to the roof carrying their toolbox. But if a ladder isn't accessible or ill-advised at a particular time, roofing professionals do the following.

Ground-based inspection
Experts from roofing companies can do assessments and appraisals from the ground using a telescoping tripod with a camera placed on it. This portable device can extend around 35 to 70 feet from the ground, allowing the person to stay out of harm's way. The mounted camera is remote controlled, giving the roofer a clear view of the roof from the ground.

If the roof is too steep to walk on, it is best to do ground-based inspection as an alternative. Roofing contractors can walk on roof angles no greater than 8:12 or at an angle of roughly 34 degrees with regards to the type of roofing material in place. Take Kennewick roof repair experts as example - they walk on roofs made of metal at pitches of 23 degrees or 5:12.

Via the window
If a house has a window that is close to the roof, it can be used as a means to go up onto the roof, without having to use a ladder. This works best if the window is located in a loft, or is a projection from the roofing surface, or if the window leads to the balcony. Roofers, however, must be careful not to break the window itself in the process. Also, they need to put on the appropriate safety gear when in these places.

For more information on accessing roofs and other roof related features, go to the website at Also, ask your local roofing contractor on how he'll climb your roof for safety and security's sake.

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