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Buy Yellow diamond for that unique and attractive look

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The colour of a diamond is imparted to it by the impurities, or foreign substances, which would be the more appropriate name of the same; these particles get trapped within the crystals during the process of formation of the gemstone. The case is the same with the yellow diamonds which are some of the rarest found on earth. Even among these stones, there are various kinds, the colour ranging from the slightest, barely there tinge of gold to a rich canary yellow colour some quite dull to the eye, and still others a dazzling and pure as the first rays of sunshine.

For  a very long time these sunny diamonds were not hold in much of an esteem by jewellers and common people alike however, only in relatively recent times, these stones have started to be taken much notice of, by the very people who had once regarded it as nothing more than an impure, pretty stone. Today however, a lot of celebrities have started to wear the yellow diamond, which has been catapulted into the very highest realms of desirability, making them much sought after and a glowing symbol of status: social and financial. A number of celebrities have recently started flaunting the yellow diamond and naturally, the fans have also started to seek out one such diamond in order to follow their on-screen idols. Needless to say, jewellers, diamond stores and diamond merchants have also begun to clamber in order to stock up on these pretty and rare gemstones.

As mentioned above, there are various kinds of yellow diamonds, and would be a gross mistake to assume that all of these are equally valuable. Some yellow diamonds would fetch even lesser than the most imperfect of white diamonds, while others will burn a sizeable hole in your pocket. While it is practically impossible for a layman to determine what exactly should be the price of a diamond, there are some basic facts that he or she should consider.

For starters, someone wishing to purchase a yellow diamond should know that the price is greatly affected by the intensity of the colour itself. A barely there tinge of yellow is not likely to add much value to the diamond. The richer the colour is, the more is the price. The paler the yellow is, the lesser is its value. Therefore, the most valuable one would be the most intensely coloured ones. The price of those darker yellow gemstones can go up as high as quite a few thousand dollars per carat.

There are also several other factors that the buyer must look into. This refers to the four Cs of diamond evaluating: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. There is another C that also holds much importance, especially to a buyer, and that is Certificate. While buying something as expensive as a diamond, and that too one of the priciest of the lot it is best to be aware of all these aspects in order to ensure that your money is not being spent, literally, on some worthless piece of rock.

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