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Cpap Therapy - Rendering an effective treatment

by cpapontario

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Snoring has evolved as one of the most common phenomenon among the majority of people in the past few years. However, more often than not snoring cannot exactly be referred to as a symptom of sleep apnea. Rather, sleep apnea can be regarded as a sleep disorder which has witnessed a phenomenal rise in the past couple of years.

Sleep apnea can be explained as a condition that leads the sleeper to pause while breathing for a period of 10 seconds or more thereby affecting the physiological indicators, like a rise in blood pressure, desaturation of the bloods oxygen levels etc. In a state of this disorder, breathing during sleep either gets disrupted or is shallow which further has an adverse effect on the person's energy levels.

During the occurrence of a sleep apnea episode, the soft tissues located in the throat region can become over relaxed and actually block the airway (either partially or completely). Now, coming to the cause of such a phenomenon, there can be a number of reasons accounting for it and obesity is certainly a major factor. This implies that a weight reduction plan (program) is one important method in reducing sleep apnea symptoms. The weight reduction plan is often rendered to be more effective when it's implemented in conjunction with a CPAP Therapy.

In fact CPAP itself stands for continuous positive airway pressure and is used to treat sleep apnea patients. In case of CPAP therapy the machines are generally prescribed by a doctor, who carefully accesses the patient's sleep apnea episodes, recorded and analyzed by experts. When the CPAP machine is set up, it requires the user to wear a mask, either over the mouth and nose, or in some cases, just over the nose. Cpap to be precise is basically a simple respiratory ventilator used by sleep apnea sufferers while they sleep in their homes following a polysomnograph study in a sleep center.

The air pressure is slightly higher than atmosphere, so the airway is kept clear by the positive air flow. Cpap prevents the upper airway disturbance by pushing a constant steady stream of air through a mask worn while sleeping, effectively forcing the air passages to stay open allowing a patient to breathe, and alleviates the apneas. Then off course, there is a flurry of CPAP machines available in the market; some with humidifiers installed and some without them. Even humidifiers are also of different types. Some are cold while some are heated. Heated humidifiers have a soothing effect on your throat.

Not to forget there are also a variety of facial mask that can be worn with continuous positive airway pressure machines. Last but not the least, travel CPAPs are quite compact in size due to which they rendered liberty to many people to travel overseas safely and to continue their treatment whilst enjoying a holiday or trip away. Above all, CPAP machines are widely available at a reasonable price in a number of online stores for the sake of your convenience.

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